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Technology accompanies us from morning to night. And what are the hallmarks of really good technology? If it’s integrated in one’s life without being too conspicuous, and if it works without fail. And it’s precisely these features that characterise our Entertainment System. 


Once installed, our Ambitainment System works without needing to concern yourself with it. Together with you, we establish individual playlists to entertain your guests superbly around the clock. Would you like to adjust the entertainment programme to match the mood of the moment? No problem! You can select the desired content at any time manually using a tablet remote control.  Simply good and completely individual.

VEAV Dimensions


VEAV Dimensions (65'')

Basically, where monitor sizes are concerned, anything is possible in terms of the professional displays that the market can come up with. Our standard installation works with three monitors, with screens measuring 65 inches (diagonally). This creates the effect of almost life-size musicians on the virtual stage. We are happy to advise you individually on which format would be ideal for your premises.

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